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Welcome to Harmony Audiology Services and Solutions

We are an independently owned audiology private practice with a strong emphasis on person-centered rehabilitative audiology

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best hearing solutions that address your hearing loss challenges. We use evidence-based, diagnostic procedures and treatment options to guide you, focusing on your needs and wants, to make the appropriate choices for your hearing health care.

What We Have To Offer

We provide a wide range of audiological evaluations (hearing tests, tinnitus evaluations, etc.) to treatment options (hearing aids, hearing protection, one-on-one or group rehabilitation classes). Our goal is to assess your hearing difficulty and provide solutions to enhance your communication needs.

Our Services

What Makes Us Different?

  • Evidence-Based Practice

    Evidence-based practice is described as integrating individual clinical expertise with the best available external clinical evidence (Sackett et al, 1996). With the range of clinical experience (from research/teaching hospital to private practice settings) and continuing education that is required by current board certification, certificate of clinical competence and state licensure, Dr. Jeannine provides you with best practices for your hearing health care.

  • Person-Centered Care

    The fundamental gist of person-centered care is clinical services provided by the expert guiding the patient with their health care. The emphasis is not the sale of a hearing aid but to provide the patient with varying stages of readiness with information so that they make informed decisions to enhance their hearing.

  • Rehabilitative Audiology

    Closely associated with person-centered care, rehabilitative audiology is more than hearing aids. Hearing is a complicated function that involves not only the ears but the brain as well. Hearing aids alone are helpful, but often there’s more work to be done. A person may need auditory training (sometimes referred to as aural rehabilitation or listening therapy), speech reading, counseling to improve communication skills, etc. Think of hearing aids are one part of the puzzle.

  • Unbundled Pricing

    Typically hearing aid prices include the cost of services associated with the hearing aid, like personalization and adjustments. But are you receiving services associated with best practices? Are you paying for services you don’t need? Unbundled pricing allows you to pay for the hearing aids and the just services that are necessary. Ultimately unbundling makes hearing aids and hearing aid services more affordable.

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We can work with all your past records from any of your hearing healthcare providers. We’re open Monday through Friday from 8am til 4pm. and Saturday by appointment. Don’t wait to schedule an appointment.

Call us today at 831-854-2882.

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