Evidence-based practice coupled
with compassionate care.

Other Services

We are an "unbundled" office which means you only pay for the services you need. For most, this means an overall lower cost in obtaining hearing aids to improve your everyday needs.

Audiologic Evaluation

Diagnostic evaluations to assess hearing loss severity and type may include the following:

  • Otoscopy
  • Pure-tone and bone conduction testing
  • Speech testing (speech reception, word recognition, speech in noise tests)
  • Tympanometry (to assess middle ear function)
  • Otoacoustic emissions testing (to assess the outer hair cell function of the cochlea)

Hearing loss Impact and Communication Needs Evaluation

Discuss in depth your hearing loss and how it impacts your communication ability. This appointment also addresses the remedies that may include:

  • Communication strategies
  • Hearing aids options
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Auditory training (aura rehabilitation or listening therapy)
  • Speech reading classes
  • Educational counseling

Hearing aid personalization and orientation

Personalizing or programming your hearing aid to your hearing loss and needs and familiarizing you to proper care and maintenance of your hearing aids. Best practices include real ear measurements as a standard of care at our office.

Hearing aid services

Hearing aids need servicing, whether it be adjustments or repairs. 

  • Adjustments
  • Check and cleans
  • Minor repairs in office
  • Major repairs sent to manufacturers

Tinnitus evaluation and management

Evaluating tinnitus coupled with educational counseling that will increase your understanding of your tinnitus and discuss options for managing your tinnitus.

Custom earmolds

Custom earmolds for hearing aids, hearing protection, professional or recreational use (in ear monitors, swim plugs, etc.)

Monthly Seminars

Once a month our office provides informational seminars surrounding communication and hearing loss. Ask our office about the next seminar!

Peer group learning

Group learning is an interactive way to increase your knowledge and confidence surrounding your hearing loss. Group learning is available for speech reading, auditory training (sometimes referred to as auditory rehabilitation or listening therapy), or informational counseling. Ask our office for more information!