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PSAPs and OTC Hearing Aids

There's been a lot of buzz around personal sound amplification product (PSAPs) and over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids. You may have heard about these products. You may have even seen these products in the store - and thought they were hearing aids! What are they? How are they different from hearing aids?

Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAPs)

A PSAP is designed for a person with normal hearing to hear soft sounds in specific environments or situations such as hunting or bird watching. They are not officially recognized as medical devices to treat hearing loss.

Over-the-counter hearing aid (OTC)

Available by August 2020, OTCs are intended for adults with mild to moderate hearing loss who do not have a hearing evaluation.

Too good to be true?

These basic definitions may have lead you to more questions:

  • If you don't need a hearing test, how do you know the type and severity of your hearing loss?
  • If a hearing test is not necessary, are you missing out on medical condition that is minor (like wax build up) or requires medical intervention (like a tumor or ear disease)
  • How do you personalize the device to your own hearing loss?
  • How do you know the device is working accurately or even well enough?
  • Are you under amplified?
  • Are you over amplified (and in danger of damaging the hearing you currently have)?
  • Who will take care of repairs and cleanings?

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